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Iceland: A New Scope of Adventure

Package this trip A few years back I had an hour layover in Kevflavik airport. The adjacent lines of the walls and the quirky demeanor of the Icelandic people sparked my attention. Four years later at a dinner over Korean BBQ, a friend said we are planning a trip to Iceland, would you like to […]

Bourne Explorer Day Trips: South Williamsburg

We all know Williamsburg has been on the up-and-up for 10+ years now, and while there’s something new to experience nearly every day in that section of Brooklyn, it’s more likely to be a Starbucks or an J. Crew than an off-the-path boutique or cool noodle bar. That’s why I have been exploring in South […]

Bourne Explorer Day Trips: East Village

Though I now live in Dumbo, I’ve always been endlessly inspired by the energy of downtown Manhattan. True, it’s changed a lot over the past decade, but I am continually surprised by the quality and earnestness of the small businesses in the East Village. For this installment, I spent the day in the East Village […]

The Leader…Follows

Package this trip If I am impressed with a restaurant or have mapped out a travel itinerary which exploded past my expectations…you will hear about it.     But when you land on a show, which happens to be filmed in the wine country of California with co workers who have been returning to this […]

Japan: I like the way you roll

Package this trip I recently traveled to Japan. For weeks after, I had a strange lump in my throat, a slight heaviness in my heart. I missed Japan and all its wonders. A feeling that could only resemble my tearful weeks following my return home from summer camp each year. During our Japan trip there […]

Built on Faith

Its been an eventful winter. A Nicaraguan getaway. Skiing in the Rockies. I recently returned from a trip to Japan followed closely by a productive jaunt to Miami. I am passionate about travel. I enjoy getting away; learning about distant cultures and discovering new cuisines… But if you have been following these pages you know […]

The Big Island, A Heightened Perspective: Up Close and Personal in Hana

Package this trip A wedding brought me to Hawaii but I left with so much more…new friendships, stunning memories and a fresh perspective. Mahalo! We were invited to our friend’s wedding on the Big Island at the Four Seasons Kona-Hualalai so there was motivation to get to this place many call, true paradise. Four Seasons […]

Spring Into Action: Grounds for Sculpture

Renewal As spring is in full gear I am taking advantage of the weather and a few free afternoons, fleeing the city’s rush. A little creative research and a short drive can transport one’s spirit a long way… Our first stop: Grounds for Sculpture. I was a little skeptical at first. A sculpture garden in […]

Costa Rica restaurant

What To Eat Before You Die

Where It Began So, we all know that I am a food enthusiast (“foodie” is over used) and have quite the appetite. It has been like this since I was a child. I believe my first real food was actually feta cheese. My parents were always whisking us off on day trips and quirky excursions. […]

Summer’s Innocence

When have Brunello Cucinelli storefronts and fancy linens pushed their way into carefree summer fun? To me, summertime symbolizes casual attire, grilling, family & friends, and NO CROWDS. The last two weekends on my agenda have been just that. First stop — the Catskills. We decided to stay at the Inn At Lake Joseph in […]

Blush Your Summer: BE Rosé Guide, Part 2

ROUND II: We are back with three more Rosé wines for you to add to your summer repertoire…   Tifeo, Etna 2015  Rosato, Gambino I was recently visiting my family in Cape Cod. My parents took a spring holiday to Sicily and sent back a case of wine from the Gambino producers. I am from a […]

“Blush Your Summer”: BE Rosé Guide

Craving Rosé the instant the nice weather arrives is like a Pavlov’s dogs experiment. I have been sipping Rosé for almost two decades and it is refreshing to see the interest and supply, and frankly the quality rapidly growing. This post is the first of a three part series (make sure you sign up for automatic blogs on […]

Be a User…

In the refrigerator that is… Food waste upsets me, but it is inevitable with our “juggling act” schedules; and meal planning sometimes takes a back burner, per say. I dress my dishes with a variety of fresh herbs, but their shelf life isn’t as strong as their flavor. (if only I had out door space […]

Tastemaker: Wisdom and Friendship Packaged in an Airbnb Rental

As life changes and evolves, so does our traveling style. Or, should I say our travel accommodations. We have a baby girl, Sunny Bea, who is almost two years old which in itself is crazy how times flies. But since then, we have been renting homes vs. staying in hotels on our getaways. Initially, the […]