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Spiced Hot Chocolate

As we’re approaching the end of this long winter, I received a request from a reader for a hot chocolate recipe. If you’re reading this blog, you know that I prefer my desserts and sweet beverages on the less sweet side. This hot chocolate is rich and has a lot of depth without being cloying. The addition of chili powder gives it a nice, smoky punch! Serves 2. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons bittersweet chocolate shavings, plus more to... Read More

Winter Squash Salad

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* Welcome to Week Two of The Bourne Living Project!     Composed salads are one of my favorite things for lunch, dinner, or a great side dish when you’re entertaining company. It’s satisfying enough to stand alone, but works brilliantly as part of a larger menu. The most important thing to remember when making a composed salad is to give each... Read More

Lentil Chia Soup

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* It is said that you find people through your passions. Well, I always seem to meet people through food. During jury duty, where the “waiting room” is packed with citizens clinging to their mobile devices and collections of stuff to entertain them while they wait for the dreadful call, I scouted my seat options, spotting a seat open next to a... Read More

Artichoke Stuffed Artichokes

Around the holidays, those of us who are usually busy and unwilling to spend extra time with fussy, complicated recipes may get the urge to put a little extra love and care into making food for our family and friends. Recently, I found myself in possession of some artichokes. These vegetables are beautifully photogenic and tasty. They require a bit of elbow grease to prepare, but it’s totally worth the extra effort! This recipe is perfect... Read More

Apricot Rosemary Buttermilk Scones

Living in Cambridge England for a summer in high school set the scone bar very high. After class we would hop in a van and head to these fields; gardens of rose bushes formed nooks of space just big enough to house a few wooden and canvas folding chairs. We were set up in groups of twos and threes to socialize with other students in the program over a picnic of buttery scones, assorted jams, and delicate english pots brewed with Earl Grey. On the... Read More