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What you REALLY Need When Expecting…

My Squad… What you REALLY Need when you are Expecting a Baby, according to me, The Bourne Explorer. A mother. The majority of my Besties are presently baby bumping and I have been asked a number of times and (recently by my badass pal, Jess Davidoff, who is due in September), what Moms to be actually need. I have told my other friends who were expecting, “Fuck the Baby Books and Blogs, they are all bullshit”. All you need is your tit... Read More

UPPAbaby and Away

Since I was a child, Sunday was a fun day… We would leave in the morning and do something cultural, depending on the season; classes at the Boston Science Museum, visits to Plimouth Plantation or clamming on Nantasket beach.  Then, the day would be wrapped up with a tasty dinner. Sure enough right before departure, I would stumble to the bottom of the stairs with bags filled with extra clothing, coloring books, note pads, a box of Legos,... Read More