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A Bright Pasta for A Winter Party: Pasta With Preserved Lemon, Pickled Chili and Parmesan

I love entertaining in the beginning of the year. Yes, when the weather is unpredictable and people have minimal plans. A few years ago, I attempting to organize a party in December and it sadly felt more like a chore, to wrangle everyone together, than a celebration. The eve of the year is stuffed with holiday parties, festive family gatherings, and the “I haven’t seen you all year, so let’s do something in the Christmas spirit”... Read More

Wholesome Living: Inside and Out

I am intrigued, (well maybe slightly obsessed) with seeking out the health benefits and reactions of foods that I consume and cook. I am that person who tunes in to a TV show while simultaneously thinking up menus built around antioxidant and mineral enriched food. This passion has actually manifested a connection with another individual with the same interest into a thrilling opportunity. Anna Almiroudis, creator of Anthesis Organic Skincare, and... Read More