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Asparagus with Anchovy Vinaigrette & Hard Boiled Egg

With the summer season sprouting up…We all crave bright and colorful foods but it is not a time to be slaving away in the kitchen. It seems like weeks blend into weekends more than ever from June through August. This asparagus dish is simple yet surprisingly satisfying. Roasting the asparagus with some of the vinaigrette, which includes one of my favorite ingredients-oil packed anchovies, creates such a nutty flavor to the dish. When you cook... Read More

Patatas Bravas Slaw

I like my potatoes crispy. Whether we are talking about french fries, home fries or in this case, patatas bravas. When I see this Spanish inspired (tapas style) side dish on a menu, I always order it. So I did just that at a recent dinner sitting at the bar at Strip House Next Door in New York. As we are all craving longer, brighter days, I am dreaming of eating al fresco, which includes picnicking.  When I crafted this recipe, my vision was to... Read More

Wheat Berry Feta Salad

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* Lately I am really loving wheat berries. Wheat berries are the whole grain form of wheat, prior to any processing. This substantial grain exudes a chewy texture which always makes a great base for a salad. And there are unlimited flavor combinations to create. My colorful bowl was decked out with vegetables, fruit, citrus, herbs and tangy feta. This healthy... Read More

Bulgur Stuffed Tomatoes

After being in Nashville for two weeks, I’m super happy to be back in my kitchen and making some light, fresh food. I always like to have bulgur wheat on hand – it’s an inexpensive ancient grain and it reminds me of my childhood, when my grandmother made kasha and bows (farfalle).The filling is hearty but light with a mix of bulgur, beans, and chopped vegetables. The brightness of the fresh herbs, lemon juice and zest adds a vibrant... Read More