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My Culinary “Meet Cutes”

Hamburger and Fries A “Meet Cute” is typically referred to a film moment in which a romantic couple meets for the first time… But as a food and restaurant buff, and a person who respects the ritual of Solo Dining, opting for the bar seat over the table seat 9 times out of 10, I have experienced my share of Culinary Meet Cutes. Sans the romantic aspect, except that I did meet my husband in a west village restaurant bar, and it was... Read More

Aahhh…What A Week!

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens I am back. Sorry for a quiet week on the page but in the field it was threaded with action! Rewarding on so many levels. My days were filled with unplanned excursions, jam-packed family time, and an unfinished project revisited. Aahhh… Princeton New Jersey: its olive oil, cherry blossoms, and charm Eately’s sweet sausage, bubbling on my stove My first of many visits to the Botanical Gardens in 2011 The cathartic... Read More