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Saying Good-byes before the End: Piano style

I have been extremely lucky in the grandparent department. My mom’s parents are still alive at 94 and last December they celebrated their 70th anniversary. However, the last few years, health has declined and the depth of memory has fizzled. But, up until a few years ago, some of my funniest and most drunken moments have been with them by my side. My sister and I committed one Friday a month for over a decade to hop on the New Jersey transit... Read More

One Marriage, Many Soul Mates

I am reposting a blog I wrote five years ago of my viewpoint on what a Soul Mate really is; a topic that has perked up three separate times in the last week.  The beauty of authoring a vessel for my prose, thoughts and “Bourneisms” is that I can share and then re-share… Because every word that I have exposed on these pages is from the heart, etched from my experiences. And I am genuinely proud of each “chapter”. I hope... Read More

A crazy thing called Love…

Unity Sculpture   (Scene: Sunday Bagel Brunch at the Bourne household in Sharon, Mass. circa 1993) Amanda: Did you have fun last night with Mr. and Mrs. H? My Father: Yes, we had a blast. Amanda: Nice, do you think Mr. and Mrs. H still do it? (Poor dad) So, maybe I was a bit more frisky and blunt back then, nonetheless, I have always been fascinated with relationships: the nuances of each union, how numerous outside factors can greatly influence... Read More