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Curried Egg Salad on a Baguette with Pickled onions and Arugula

*This week I’m bringing one of my favorite recipes out of the archive since it seems so appropriate for this beautiful weather! These sandwiches pack well and will be a great lineup to your Spring picnic set-up.*   Picnics are one of my favorite parts of spring and summer, and an excellent way to get together with friends to enjoy great food, conversation, and nature. Even if your idea of nature is a walk through Central Park, this easy... Read More

Cantaloupe Salsa

When the warmer weather creeps in, I instinctively crave melon. I purchased two cantaloupes the other day and decided to incorporate one half into my traditional salsa recipe. The melon really compliments the citrus and spice and added a rounded, fresh undertone. Melon also has a brightness without being too sweet, which is a problem I sometimes have with mango salsas. Try this on top of some grilled fish tacos, or simply with your favorite tortilla... Read More

Easy Entertaining: Eggs Three Ways

The “E words” work so well together. That is; Entertaining and Eggs… Some believe that serious entertaining only happens after the sun goes down… Not true. Summer is an ideal time to host leisurely Sunday bunches and casual picnics. With a little guidance there should be some legitimate merit to follow your get togethers. My kitchen sidekick, Devang, (otherwise known as Pinky) and I have created a few egg dishes that are bountiful,... Read More