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Quick Pickled Cauliflower & Cucumber

Pickled vegetables make me happy – and it’s fun and easy to make your own. I occasionally can them to extend their shelf life when I am in “project mode” and love to give them as a gift, but the quick pickle (shown here) is more often my go-to pickle technique. These colorful mini cauliflowers screamed to be pickled but you can use any hardly vegetable you fancy. Fermented vegetables are also great for your health –... Read More

Healthy Bloody Mary

The cosmopolitan and the lychee martini (light on the juice) have come and gone in my drink rotation, but the Bloody Mary has remained as one of my long standing favorites. When most people opted for the library, I used to study at a cafe/bar/restaurant in Madison Wisconsin called, The Living Room that had bloody mary’s that served as a liquid lunch. In the midwest, they top their bloody’s with a stick of pickled vegetables, so it’s... Read More