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Pasta with Shrimp and Kale

I love experimenting with shrimp. There are endless combinations and this crustacean often guarantees one thing–a quick dish can be a reality. This meal took maybe 20 minutes and I am pretty sure anyone would be happy if this was plated in front of them at a dinner party.  I did not have a recipe or this dish in mind, I was actually tooling with the shrimp taco direction. All I knew was that I had bought wild shrimp earlier and I was feeling... Read More

Pasta with Scallops & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Scallops are one of my favorite ways to entertain, but sometimes it can get a little pricy, I’ll admit. I am always interested in figuring out ways to “stretch” my favorite ingredients and really make their flavors shine. I cut these large dry sea scallops into thin strips to make sure each bite had some scallop in it and really add some texture to the dish, and I roasted the tomatoes, fennel, and lemons to really make their flavors... Read More

Uni Pasta

  Uni, or sea urchin roe, is a decadent ingredient that holds a special place in my heart. Because I work on a lot of shows for the Food Network, I often find myself bringing home a bit of extra uni when I finish up a shoot. I can eat it in just about any preparation, whether by itself or as part of an elaborate sushi roll.     Many people are a bit wary of trying uni for the first time, so I’m a huge fan of making this pasta dish... Read More

A Bright Pasta for A Winter Party: Pasta With Preserved Lemon, Pickled Chili and Parmesan

I love entertaining in the beginning of the year. Yes, when the weather is unpredictable and people have minimal plans. A few years ago, I attempting to organize a party in December and it sadly felt more like a chore, to wrangle everyone together, than a celebration. The eve of the year is stuffed with holiday parties, festive family gatherings, and the “I haven’t seen you all year, so let’s do something in the Christmas spirit”... Read More