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Pickled Tuna Melt

  Sometimes, it’s just a sandwich kind of day. You’re hungry, you don’t want to put in a ton of effort, but you want something comforting, melty, and savory. I love pickles, so I added both diced cornichons and some of the brine from the pickle jar to add an extra kick to this not-so-simple tuna salad. The combination of the oil from the tuna accented with a bit of dijon mustard and mayonnaise lends a complexity to the dish that makes... Read More

Fennel Tart

  In my opinion, fennel is one of the most under-rated, misunderstood vegetables. However, if you put in just a little effort and creativity, fennel is incredibly versatile, and works in both sweet and savory applications. With this tart, we decided to showcase two different methods of preparing the fennel to showcase the different flavors and textures you can bring out of this one humble plant.     Fennel Tart Ingredients 1 cup +... Read More

Brussel Sprout Salad: Rustic or Refined

My friend Karina got married over a year ago and was itching to pull out her wedding china. Since we both love to entertain, we decided to organize a “Ladies Who Lunch” at her home in the west village. A little networking, a little catching up, great food, and of course — wine. The menu went like this: Butternut squash soup with fried sage leaves Shaved brussel sprout salad with ribbons of carrots and toasted pistachios Bone-in... Read More