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My Culinary “Meet Cutes”

Hamburger and Fries A “Meet Cute” is typically referred to a film moment in which a romantic couple meets for the first time… But as a food and restaurant buff, and a person who respects the ritual of Solo Dining, opting for the bar seat over the table seat 9 times out of 10, I have experienced my share of Culinary Meet Cutes. Sans the romantic aspect, except that I did meet my husband in a west village restaurant bar, and it was... Read More

Un-Cheesy V-Day

I’m definitely a lover, but I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, particularly. I believe that you should show affection for your loved ones every day of the year or on a random day, not just once in February. Going out to restaurants is usually a horrible experience, with couples packed together like sardines at two-tops, prix-fixe menus finishing with predictable chocolate desserts printed in pale pink font. Since Valentine’s Day cannot be avoided,... Read More

A crazy thing called Love…

Unity Sculpture   (Scene: Sunday Bagel Brunch at the Bourne household in Sharon, Mass. circa 1993) Amanda: Did you have fun last night with Mr. and Mrs. H? My Father: Yes, we had a blast. Amanda: Nice, do you think Mr. and Mrs. H still do it? (Poor dad) So, maybe I was a bit more frisky and blunt back then, nonetheless, I have always been fascinated with relationships: the nuances of each union, how numerous outside factors can greatly influence... Read More