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Perfect Popovers

There is something about popovers. The crisp airy crust and the eggy, inner dough works so well as the substitute for a typical dinner roll, a base for an egg sandwich or just dressed with jam and butter for a sweet afternoon fix. In Cape Cod, to break up our 7 mile walk on The Shining Sea Path, we stop off at Pie in the Sky, tucked away in Woods Hole, a small community made up of salty dogs, marine biologists, and folks who decided to live a quieter... Read More

Artichoke Stuffed Artichokes

Around the holidays, those of us who are usually busy and unwilling to spend extra time with fussy, complicated recipes may get the urge to put a little extra love and care into making food for our family and friends. Recently, I found myself in possession of some artichokes. These vegetables are beautifully photogenic and tasty. They require a bit of elbow grease to prepare, but it’s totally worth the extra effort! This recipe is perfect... Read More