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Iceland Inspired Dishes: Roasted Beets with a Yogurt Dip

                        Food is such a an essential part of travel and it is also such a prevalent part of my day to day. Every time I travel I become more deeply inspired by the culinary and cultural roots. Returning back into my kitchen with a new perspective of the traditional fare and ingredients helps me hone my craft.   Visiting Iceland in the winter lends itself to less vegetables... Read More

Strawberry Salad with Pine Nuts & Yogurt Balsamic Dressing

I incorporate strawberries all year round in my cooking regime. But in the summer they are abundant… at the farm stands, on menus to inspire, and as a special in the markets. When I saw these local strawberries I knew these were going to be showcased on this page–in some sort of salad. This salad combines simple local produce with the texture of the toasted pine nuts whipped up in a simple tangy creamy dressing. Soak up strawberry season!   Ingredients: Boston... Read More

Sweet Black Breakfast Rice with Berries

Black rice isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think breakfast. But, seriously, when you simmer in coconut milk and add tasty additions like mixed berries, shredded coconut, and vanilla, it transforms into a hearty breakfast and satisfies the sweet factor. I always like to balance something sweet with a savory edge so I added one of my secret ingredients–smoked black salt.  This dish is a perfect way to use up that last... Read More

The Miracle Mushroom: Discovering Chaga in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains

I took a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in late spring to visit my friend who moved from Brooklyn to downtown Charlottesville, and while I was there we spent time  on Estouteville Farm, a sprawling 290 acre property with a house perched on it. The house was designed by the same architect that build Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate, and had a pack of dogs always roaming, a pool that captures the mood of the mountains... Read More

Sardine & Artichoke Toasts

My in-laws were visiting for our “baby celebration”, a Jack and Jill party thrown by two of my girl friends which included no games, no opening of gifts, no table setting invaded with Pepto Bismol pink. Rather, a group of our friends and family mingling, eating and drinking in the backyard of a West Village brownstone. My ideal version of a baby shower. On Sunday, late afternoon over an early dinner in Brooklyn Heights before they headed... Read More