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Rainbow Juice

Because my husband and I love to eat and drink decadently, we used to go on the occasional juice cleanse. Juicing feels great and definitely makes a difference in your appearance, but long cleanses are almost impossible when you have a hectic life and a busy schedule. These days, I prefer to make green juices a part of my everyday routine. You can make this single-serving size for a quick vegetable fix, but I prefer to triple the batch and store it... Read More

Tastemakers: Canyon Ranch: Lifesavers of the Luxury World

A Reflective Experience It was a crisp bright day in early March. One of those days where you spot the optimistic New Yorker dressed in inappropriate springtime attire yearning for the warmer weather.  Luckily it was because after preaching how reliable the F train had been, it was disappointingly thirty minutes late forcing me to sprint in my black pencil skirt and knee high boots through the flatiron district, dodging pedestrians to make it on... Read More