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Be a User…

In the refrigerator that is… Food waste upsets me, but it is inevitable with our “juggling act” schedules; and meal planning sometimes takes a back burner, per say. I dress my dishes with a variety of fresh herbs, but their shelf life isn’t as strong as their flavor. (if only I had out door space for a garden). Tip: Whipping up a simple pesto is a tasty and practical way to lessen fresh herb waste. Pesto also lasts several weeks in an... Read More

Bulgur Stuffed Tomatoes

After being in Nashville for two weeks, I’m super happy to be back in my kitchen and making some light, fresh food. I always like to have bulgur wheat on hand – it’s an inexpensive ancient grain and it reminds me of my childhood, when my grandmother made kasha and bows (farfalle).The filling is hearty but light with a mix of bulgur, beans, and chopped vegetables. The brightness of the fresh herbs, lemon juice and zest adds a vibrant... Read More