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Simple Grilling: How to Stay Chill this Season

One of my city living goals— To have private outdoor space, be able to dine al fresco on the reg., and become a grill master. Well, it is kinda happening. We have a pretty spectacular backyard, we purchased the Green Egg grill, and since we have moved in, I have been eating outside most evenings (dreams do come true). Grilling, and summer entertaining should be kept relaxed, organized and casual… And, here are a few helpful tips to ensure... Read More

Poached Eggs, and Radish Greens On Marbled Rye

  Entertaining and Eggs — the “E” words work so well together! Some people believe that serious entertaining only happens after the sun goes down. Not true. Summer is an ideal time to host leisurely Sunday brunches and casual picnics. With a little guidance,  you can have daytime get-togethers with some serious food. My kitchen sidekick, Devang – otherwise known as Pinky – and I have created a few egg dishes that... Read More

The Leader…Follows

Package this trip If I am impressed with a restaurant or have mapped out a travel itinerary which exploded past my expectations…you will hear about it.     But when you land on a show, which happens to be filmed in the wine country of California with co workers who have been returning to this location for seventeen seasons. Well, you sit back and follow. The places we will go…      The photo is us on both sides... Read More