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The Leader…Follows

Package this trip If I am impressed with a restaurant or have mapped out a travel itinerary which exploded past my expectations…you will hear about it.     But when you land on a show, which happens to be filmed in the wine country of California with co workers who have been returning to this location for seventeen seasons. Well, you sit back and follow. The places we will go…     ┬áThe photo is us on both sides... Read More

Hidden Pond: Heaven on Earth

I will never blurt the statement, “Couples shouldn’t work together,” ever again. I spent a breezy afternoon on the screened in porch of Earth, the al fresco restaurant, with the dynamic duo, work and life partners Danielle and Justin Walker. He is the executive chef and she is the director of the events and front of the house, at this whimsical yet serious eating establishment at Hidden Pond Resort located in the woods by the beach…... Read More