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Classic Fish and Chips with Homemade Punchy Tartar Sauce

This recipe/video is the third of my Iceland Inspired dishes Series. I am excited to share this tasty recipe because it is perfect for the summer season of easy entertaining. I just had this conversation with my husband over an early bite before an evening flight at a seafood bar… he said “you always order fish and chips when it’s on the menu and often are disappointed.” Well, maybe that is the case because often the portions... Read More

Pasta with Shrimp and Kale

I love experimenting with shrimp. There are endless combinations and this crustacean often guarantees one thing–a quick dish can be a reality. This meal took maybe 20 minutes and I am pretty sure anyone would be happy if this was plated in front of them at a dinner party.  I did not have a recipe or this dish in mind, I was actually tooling with the shrimp taco direction. All I knew was that I had bought wild shrimp earlier and I was feeling... Read More

Rainbow Juice

Because my husband and I love to eat and drink decadently, we used to go on the occasional juice cleanse. Juicing feels great and definitely makes a difference in your appearance, but long cleanses are almost impossible when you have a hectic life and a busy schedule. These days, I prefer to make green juices a part of my everyday routine. You can make this single-serving size for a quick vegetable fix, but I prefer to triple the batch and store it... Read More