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Chef Bueno’s Octopus Salad

An Interview with Chef Bueno of Rancho Pescadero + Octopus Salad Recipe       Where did you start cooking? And why.    My culinary adventure started in Mexico City when I was a kid. My family used to visit different restaurants on Sundays; for me that was a great school, even if I didn’t know yet that I wanted to become a Chef. I tried foods from a lot of different cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French (I had escargots... Read More

Uni Pasta

  Uni, or sea urchin roe, is a decadent ingredient that holds a special place in my heart. Because I work on a lot of shows for the Food Network, I often find myself bringing home a bit of extra uni when I finish up a shoot. I can eat it in just about any preparation, whether by itself or as part of an elaborate sushi roll.     Many people are a bit wary of trying uni for the first time, so I’m a huge fan of making this pasta dish... Read More

Wild Mushroom Farro Risotto

It took me a little while to really understand quinoa and appreciate its potential depth, but Farro was love at first taste. As it cooks, the faro takes on a pleasantly chewy, nutty texture that works very well as an alternative to a traditional risotto.  This wild mushroom farro risotto is pure comfort food made with wholesome, healthy ingredients.     Wild mushrooms, plus farro, herbs and cheese, equals creamy heaven…   Wild... Read More