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Underrated Simple Pleasures

The pace of life pulsates sometimes at magnum speeds. But secretly, I think it parallels one of my addictions. Mastering multitasking, gracefully. The other day, when I was en route, I started thinking about the small things that create a happy dimple in our day. The underrated pleasures… Here is my recent list (in no particular order): 1) A mug of steamed water with a bundle of fresh mint: In Israel that is how we sipped tea. No bag to dunk.... Read More

Laying this years track…

Conforming isn’t my strength. It really hasn’t been my thing for as long as I can remember. My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Cooper, detected this right away. I apparently did not like sitting at my desk, confined in one rigid place for extended periods of time. So, she would let me get up. Move to a new desk in the outer row (that is probably why I lean forwards the aisle on any plane or bus ride). And even let me perch on the radiator in... Read More

Beating the Winter “Blahs”

I must admit, as a daydreamer, fleeing to Antigua to open a beach bar named Munz’s has crossed my mind, nonetheless, it is not happening anytime soon. So, to support the popular phrase, “if you can’t beat them, or in this case IT, join them…” East coast urban winters are brutal.  Especially in the last leg of the season. Remember the surprise colossal storm in April of 2003? Perhaps, I might offer a few tips to soften the bite. Stick ‘em Toe... Read More