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Chopped Greek Salad

When I am not feeling anything on a menu and I spot a Greek salad, I order it. The salad I compose the most at home is a Greek salad. When I take a road trip and want something satisfying to eat but don’t feel like being completely debaucherous, I seek out a local “House of Pizza” for a Greek salad. So, it’s my go to dish; I would even call it one of my comfort foods. And sometimes I like to just change it up and chop it… Simple... Read More

Chilled Cucumber Soup

Cucumbers have been on my radar recently. If I am at a restaurant and there is a starter with pickled vegetables (which often includes cucumbers) I am ordering it. They seem to be creeping into my shopping bag at the market and as you can see, I have been cooking with them¬†as well. This refreshing soup is a lovely appetizer for entertaining (think soup shooters). Or for a light lunch. The avocado and Greek yogurt give the dish body, and the combination... Read More

Quick Pickled Cauliflower & Cucumber

Pickled vegetables make me happy – and it’s fun and easy to make your own. I occasionally can them to extend their shelf life when I am in “project mode” and love to give them as a gift, but the quick pickle (shown here) is more often my go-to pickle technique. These colorful mini cauliflowers screamed to be pickled but you can use any hardly vegetable you fancy. Fermented¬†vegetables are also great for your health –... Read More