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Fuller Cup of Joe

    Although some people might say that coffee is “bad” for you, there are a lot of proven health benefits to a morning cup of caffeine. It increases memory, eases post-workout pain, and can even ward off serious illnesses, like Alzheimers. This version of coffee is like a high-octane latte. By incorporating grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and honey, starting your day with a glass of this will make you feel invincible. Coconut oil, which... Read More

Bailey’s Spice Latte

Bailey’s and coffee have always been the perfect pair. This simple holiday cocktail is a great way to start your Christmas morning with a party, or for a burst of energy so you can make it past the ball drop on New Years’ Eve!         Bailey’s Spice Latte   Ingredients   3 oz brewed coffee 2 oz Bailey’s pinch ground ginger pinch ground cinnamon whipped cream freshly grated nutmeg     Method   1.... Read More