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Bailey’s Spice Latte

Bailey’s and coffee have always been the perfect pair. This simple holiday cocktail is a great way to start your Christmas morning with a party, or for a burst of energy so you can make it past the ball drop on New Years’ Eve!         Bailey’s Spice Latte   Ingredients   3 oz brewed coffee 2 oz Bailey’s pinch ground ginger pinch ground cinnamon whipped cream freshly grated nutmeg     Method   1.... Read More

Bourbon Maple Martini

      When we tested an array of holiday cocktails last week, we knew we needed to include one with Bourbon — it’s smoky, sweet, rich, and marries well with a rainbow of other flavors. This unusual martini pairs Bourbon with two equally complex flavors: maple and pomegranate. Sweet vermouth and a pinch of arbor chili add subtle dashes of further nuance, making this a sophisticated, not-too-sweet drink that’s perfect... Read More

Apple Mezcal Holiday Cocktail

I am as consistent with my cocktail choices as I am with the amount of grey that dominates my wardrobe. Tequila has been my spirit of choice for quite some time, but for the past year Mezcal has more than peaked my interest. My spicy margarita has been replaced with tequila’s smoky cousin. I have attended a few tequila/mezcal tastings, and last week I found myself chatting with an employee at Astor Wines and Spirits about Mezcal and his experience... Read More

Underrated Simple Pleasures

The pace of life pulsates sometimes at magnum speeds. But secretly, I think it parallels one of my addictions. Mastering multitasking, gracefully. The other day, when I was en route, I started thinking about the small things that create a happy dimple in our day. The underrated pleasures… Here is my recent list (in no particular order): 1) A mug of steamed water with a bundle of fresh mint: In Israel that is how we sipped tea. No bag to dunk.... Read More