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Egg, Spinach & Prosciutto Cups

This is a cantaloupe kind of week! On Tuesday I posted the cantaloupe salsa so perhaps I’ve just had melon on the brain. But who doesn’t like this sweet and salty combination? Melon and prosciutto is the classic sweet and salt marriage which originated in Italy. This simple but satisfying egg cup is the perfect way to start your day, portioned out perfectly for on-the-go eating without having to settle for a processed bar. Make them... Read More

Cantaloupe Salsa

When the warmer weather creeps in, I instinctively crave melon. I purchased two cantaloupes the other day and decided to incorporate one half into my traditional salsa recipe. The melon really compliments the citrus and spice and added a rounded, fresh undertone. Melon also has a brightness without being too sweet, which is a problem I sometimes have with mango salsas. Try this on top of some grilled fish tacos, or simply with your favorite tortilla... Read More