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Fuller Cup of Joe

    Although some people might say that coffee is “bad” for you, there are a lot of proven health benefits to a morning cup of caffeine. It increases memory, eases post-workout pain, and can even ward off serious illnesses, like Alzheimers. This version of coffee is like a high-octane latte. By incorporating grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and honey, starting your day with a glass of this will make you feel invincible. Coconut oil, which... Read More

Roasted Broccoli Frittata

  I have a long history of frittata memories. I spent many summer weekends at my friend’s house in the Hamptons. Our schedule would go like this: A power walk in the am, lazy days around the pool sipping tequila, venturing out to attend the occasional society event. Every now and then, a house party peppered the season, but mostly we had intimate dinner parties with wine and delicious Italian fare, followed by night swimming and ice cream. And... Read More

Grilled Grapefruit

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!*   Grapefruit is a great year-round treat — it’s tart, sweet, and refreshing in the summer, and offers a bright and much-needed shot of vitamin C in the winter months, during cold season. My version of grilled grapefruit combines smoky, tangy sumac with a hint of heat from chili powder, and caramelized brown sugar that feels decadent while still... Read More

Winter Squash Salad

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* Welcome to Week Two of The Bourne Living Project!     Composed salads are one of my favorite things for lunch, dinner, or a great side dish when you’re entertaining company. It’s satisfying enough to stand alone, but works brilliantly as part of a larger menu. The most important thing to remember when making a composed salad is to give each... Read More

Fennel Tart

  In my opinion, fennel is one of the most under-rated, misunderstood vegetables. However, if you put in just a little effort and creativity, fennel is incredibly versatile, and works in both sweet and savory applications. With this tart, we decided to showcase two different methods of preparing the fennel to showcase the different flavors and textures you can bring out of this one humble plant.     Fennel Tart Ingredients 1 cup +... Read More