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Fennel Tart

  In my opinion, fennel is one of the most under-rated, misunderstood vegetables. However, if you put in just a little effort and creativity, fennel is incredibly versatile, and works in both sweet and savory applications. With this tart, we decided to showcase two different methods of preparing the fennel to showcase the different flavors and textures you can bring out of this one humble plant.     Fennel Tart Ingredients 1 cup +... Read More

Perfect Popovers

There is something about popovers. The crisp airy crust and the eggy, inner dough works so well as the substitute for a typical dinner roll, a base for an egg sandwich or just dressed with jam and butter for a sweet afternoon fix. In Cape Cod, to break up our 7 mile walk on The Shining Sea Path, we stop off at Pie in the Sky, tucked away in Woods Hole, a small community made up of salty dogs, marine biologists, and folks who decided to live a quieter... Read More