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Anasura Yoga: Exercise and Therapy, All in One Stretch

Anasura Yoga, Abhaya studio We often get complacent and perhaps protective over our exercise regime, as if we created the technique. However, I encourage you to switch it up and channel into a practice that can strengthen your spirit as well as your physique. A Flowing Discovery Walking to the F train…there it was, a chalked sign reading, “New Anasura yoga studio opening up.” Hmmm…what is Anasura? Anasura means, “flowing with grace.”... Read More

Tastemakers: Abhaya Yoga Studio

I recently had a chance to sit down with Tara Glazier, co-founder of the Abhaya Yoga Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. What I enjoy most about her style is that she incorporates a narrative in her classes, weaving in the history and background of the Yoga teachings into each session…. I was surprised to learn that one of the biggest “Miracles” she experienced is how the Abhaya Studio came to be. A business plan was created on a paper napkin... Read More