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Chilled Cucumber Soup

Cucumbers have been on my radar recently. If I am at a restaurant and there is a starter with pickled vegetables (which often includes cucumbers) I am ordering it. They seem to be creeping into my shopping bag at the market and as you can see, I have been cooking with them as well. This refreshing […]

Beer Infused Whole Roasted Chicken

When making a whole chicken, it’ll take on pretty much every flavor you surround it with – that’s the great thing about it. Whether it’s a winter comfort food with potatoes, carrots, and rosemary, or an herbal-infused remoulade, you can impart whatever flavor you’d like on a chicken. Beer can chicken comes to mind when […]

Fish Cakes with Dill & Cornichons

I love a good fish cake. And arctic char is one of my favorite fish to use. It is hearty and has a rich oily substance that makes it a perfect choice for this dish. Instead of adding breadcrumbs as a binder I balanced the mixture with roasted fingerling potatoes. For the next several days […]

Cod & Mango Ceviche

Ceviche is one of those dishes that screams summer and celebration. It is colorful, fresh and the technique of “cooking” with acid adds a little alchemy to the plate. I toss up the fish depending on what is most fresh and local. I love using seafood like shrimp, scallops, octopus, and lobster– when I am […]

Spiced Eggplant Chips

There is a whole world when it comes to veggie chips! So many flavor combinations and varieties. Sometimes I whip out my dehydrator. But often I just pick my vegetable, decide on the rub I want to dress with and go… I had a few eggplants in my refrigerator that I didn’t want to let […]

Chickpea Flour Grilled Cheese

For this recipe, I was inspired by a cecina, a chickpea flour crepe popular in coastal Italy. I actually have been experimenting with different flours, especially ones that are appealing AND gluten-free (something that doesn’t coincide). The chickpea flour created a nutty and grainy texture… in a good way. Who in their right mind doesn’t […]

Beet Horseradish Tartare

Beets are at a sweet high… I love experimenting with this colorful vegetable. I enjoy playing with flavors and textures depending on the season as well as my mood. I grew up eating Borscht, a beetroot based soup often served cold originated from eastern Europe. Usually roasting beets is my first step to create flavor. […]

Muddled Berry & Basil Spritzer

Drinking water hasn’t always been easy for me. But with some doctoring up, with a stir of creativity and color, I have upped my H20 game. With the warmer weather here, it is essential to hydrate and why not enjoy the necessity chore. I often throw citrus like lemons, limes or oranges and some fresh […]

Roasted Tomato Jam

I usually prefer more of a savory jam or chutney. I had these vine ripe tomatoes sitting on my counter and I got inspired. The heat from the jalapeño and the smokiness from the paprika bring out a bold richness of the tomatoes. This jam is a perfect addition to your condiment selection for this […]

Quick Pickled Cauliflower & Cucumber

Pickled vegetables make me happy – and it’s fun and easy to make your own. I occasionally can them to extend their shelf life when I am in “project mode” and love to give them as a gift, but the quick pickle (shown here) is more often my go-to pickle technique. These colorful mini cauliflowers […]

Mexican Beans on Toast

Happy Cinco de Mayo! There are so many recipes out there for this festive holiday, and most cater to nighttime entertaining. Why not start celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the morning? Beans on toast is typically an English breakfast, but I took that inspiration and made it appropriate for this Mexican holiday. This is similar to […]

Curried Egg Salad on a Baguette with Pickled onions and Arugula

*This week I’m bringing one of my favorite recipes out of the archive since it seems so appropriate for this beautiful weather! These sandwiches pack well and will be a great lineup to your Spring picnic set-up.*   Picnics are one of my favorite parts of spring and summer, and an excellent way to get […]

Egg, Spinach & Prosciutto Cups

This is a cantaloupe kind of week! On Tuesday I posted the cantaloupe salsa so perhaps I’ve just had melon on the brain. But who doesn’t like this sweet and salty combination? Melon and prosciutto is the classic sweet and salt marriage which originated in Italy. This simple but satisfying egg cup is the perfect way […]

Cantaloupe Salsa

When the warmer weather creeps in, I instinctively crave melon. I purchased two cantaloupes the other day and decided to incorporate one half into my traditional salsa recipe. The melon really compliments the citrus and spice and added a rounded, fresh undertone. Melon also has a brightness without being too sweet, which is a problem I sometimes […]

Patatas Bravas Slaw

I like my potatoes crispy. Whether we are talking about french fries, home fries or in this case, patatas bravas. When I see this Spanish inspired (tapas style) side dish on a menu, I always order it. So I did just that at a recent dinner sitting at the bar at Strip House Next Door […]

Wheat Berry Feta Salad

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* Lately I am really loving wheat berries. Wheat berries are the whole grain form of wheat, prior to any processing. This substantial grain exudes a chewy texture which always makes a great base for a salad. And there are unlimited […]

Crab Artichoke Dip

Artichoke dip is always a hit, but I wanted to add another element and I thought the lump crab I had would fold in some decadence and take it up a notch. This could just be the best artichoke crab dip I’ve had! The Greek yogurt adds a nice tang and is overall healthier and […]

No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars

*This is a part of my clean out the pantry series! See more by clicking here.* I’m a huge peanut butter fan, but so often I end up with the remnants of the bottom of the jar and need to find a way to use it up. I also love granola, so for this cleaning out […]

Grilled Cracked Pepper Polenta Squares

Working on cooking shows a lot, an ingredient I always have in the pantry (but don’t often use) is polenta. While thinking up a ‘cleaning out the pantry series’, I thought polenta would be a perfect example to use. I started with a creamy polenta and transformed it into a nutty grilled polenta cake. I […]

Beef Bone Broth

*This is part of my Bourne living series, which promotes healthy ways to eat while pregnant!* There’s much talk about bone broth lately and especially this time of year, but truthfully it can be drunk any time of year to keep your immune system strong. Sipping broths aren’t the most common thing for people to […]

Bulgur Stuffed Tomatoes

After being in Nashville for two weeks, I’m super happy to be back in my kitchen and making some light, fresh food. I always like to have bulgur wheat on hand – it’s an inexpensive ancient grain and it reminds me of my childhood, when my grandmother made kasha and bows (farfalle).The filling is hearty […]