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Un-Cheesy V-Day

I’m definitely a lover, but I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, particularly. I believe that you should show affection for your loved ones every day of the year or on a random day, not just once in February. Going out to restaurants is usually a horrible experience, with couples packed together like sardines at […]

Baja Cool

Baja Cool — worth the wait. Four years ago I booked a room at this newly opened resort on the pacific coast of Baja. Of course, New York weather in December being what it is, our flight was cancelled, and I sadly had to e-mail Rancho Pescadero and say that I would not be coming…this season.   […]

Roasted Broccoli Frittata

  I have a long history of frittata memories. I spent many summer weekends at my friend’s house in the Hamptons. Our schedule would go like this: A power walk in the am, lazy days around the pool sipping tequila, venturing out to attend the occasional society event. Every now and then, a house party […]

Bourbon Maple Martini

      When we tested an array of holiday cocktails last week, we knew we needed to include one with Bourbon — it’s smoky, sweet, rich, and marries well with a rainbow of other flavors. This unusual martini pairs Bourbon with two equally complex flavors: maple and pomegranate. Sweet vermouth and a pinch of arbor […]