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Baja Cool

Baja Cool — worth the wait. Four years ago I booked a room at this newly opened resort on the pacific coast of Baja. Of course, New York weather in December being what it is, our flight was cancelled, and I sadly had to e-mail Rancho Pescadero and say that I would not be coming…this season.   […]

Hidden Pond: Heaven on Earth

I will never blurt the statement, “Couples shouldn’t work together,” ever again. I spent a breezy afternoon on the screened in porch of Earth, the al fresco restaurant, with the dynamic duo, work and life partners Danielle and Justin Walker. He is the executive chef and she is the director of the events and front […]

Feeling Right at Home

Turn the page Some chapters of your life unfold smoothly, a natural progression of life’s ebbs and flows. Other times are filled with upheaval and profound change. Two years ago I left a business I helped create and grow to embark on a new journey, a leap of faith into the unknown. A time filled with no regret, nonetheless moments of […]

Tastemaker: Antonio Morichini, A sweet chef with a fierce commitment to his cuisine

  Heading up into Brooklyn Heights, I must have passed Bevacco restaurant three dozen times. Like a wolf, I circled, sniffed, and inspected this new “piece of meat.”  Then I took the plunge. I headed in one afternoon, struck up a conversation with the owner, and sucked down two Smiles, their version of a straight […]

Chef Antonio Morichini

Tastemaker: Sabina Ptacin, PR & Entrepreneur Powerhouse

The Lady Of The Hour… It was a great thrill to sit down with spunky Sabina Ptacin the owner of Red Branch PR agency and the Chief Excitement Officer of PRENEUR. We first met a number of years ago at a Ceslie Armstrong event and instantly clicked. Now with Red Branch offices relocated to Dumbo, […]

Melissa Wildstein, Katie Hellmuth Martin, Sabina Ptacin