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About the Blog

The journey begins. Well, continues…now with you along for the ride. Welcome aboard! Why a blog about exploring and discovery? Because people say exploring helps them find their way but for me it is my way.

I am passionate about the thrilling, savory, messy sometimes uncomfortable and inevitably ever-changing aspects of exploring. This blog is a mouthpiece for me to share some sites, flavors, perspectives, and experiences with you.

So reader, if you are listening, here’s just a taste of what’s to come. We will:

  • Transform dining out into edible memories and dining in into “Ah, there is no place like home!” moments
  • Venture to intriguing neighborhoods and meet inspiring characters who make these locations worth the visit
  • Become cooking connoisseurs on our own terms
  • Remember why we chose the people we did and reveal clever ways of saying thank you
  • Shuffle and shake up comfort zone itineraries and disclose places you didn’t realize were just around the corner

All done with a dash of adventure, a sprinkle of faith (we’ve gotta have a little faith), and a dollop of old fashioned quirkiness!