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My Culinary “Meet Cutes”

Hamburger and Fries

A “Meet Cute” is typically referred to a film moment in which a romantic couple meets for the first time…

But as a food and restaurant buff, and a person who respects the ritual of Solo Dining, opting for the bar seat over the table seat 9 times out of 10, I have experienced my share of Culinary Meet Cutes.

Sans the romantic aspect, except that I did meet my husband in a west village restaurant bar, and it was an epically serendipitous NYC moment, that is for another time, and another blog 😉

For two decades in New York City and beyond, I have struck up some of the most engaging discussions and debates, spiritual breakthroughs, casual food and mixology education, and was invited into hundreds of remarkable people’s lives even if it was simply for an evening encounter.

Is this the explorer in me, or just the social situations I expose myself to? Well, I have been talking to random people since I can remember. And, I can admit I am an ease-dropper, skilled chatter, and a pretty good listener; which is often fuel for quality chit-chat or one who enjoys perching at restaurant bars…

I have had hundreds of these Culinary Meet Cutes at airport bars to my random passengers sitting next to me on the flight. I have been invited into their home for cocktails in Beverly Hills to tea in Kyoto. I have laughed and cried, and been a shoulder for a stranger. I have shared my appetizer, and have been passed an extra fork for theirs. I have treated and have been treated. I have made friends with a 21 year old boy and a 92 year old woman, named Ester Lester. My Meet Cutes have stirred up business deals and business debates, pen pal friends, and character development for my upcoming screenplay. People who have changed my perspective on life, marriage, and motherhood. I am forever grateful for this characteristic, and I believe that I inherited it from my late mom-mom and my muse. The art of fostering genuine discussion, and the gift of being an expert schmoozer.


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