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A Love Affair with Dumbo…

How Woody Allen spoke about Manhattan as his town, Dumbo was my spot, my neighborhood.

We crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge in early 2010 and made Dumbo our home…We witnessed one of the most dynamic neighborhood transformations in New York history, going from a small stretch of real estate where cabs were skeptical to drop you off to a dining and tourist destination. The move was my catalyst to explore the borough of Brooklyn.

As a natural “interviewer” and professional schmoozer, I got to know all the business owners and workers in Dumbo, from the butcher at Foragers Market to the ladies at Trunk. I fell deeply in love with yoga again at Abhaya Yoga Brooklyn and even had Siri, a teacher as one of my officiants at our wedding.

I have a thing for ferries, so when East River Ferry launched, I was one of the first passengers taking day jaunts to Williamsburg, Green point or Governor’s Island… presently taken over by the New York Ferry and is equivalent to a MTA subway spot. Although the secret is out, I still recommend a ferry ride to anyone visiting or living in NYC.

Our street is one of the most photographed in the world, and it still rocks me with beauty even if I sometimes feel like a tour guide directing people to the bridge entrance or Grimaldi’s.

So much has happened in this chapter while living here—we got Milo; my first dog, my first baby. We got hitched. We had a beautiful girl named Sunny. I attended culinary school and my doormen ate like kings for 6 months, entertained a lot, made amazing friends and lost a few along the way, worked at the Food Network and seeded some innovative projects I am proud of and a few shitty ones too.

We moved to Fort Greene a few days ago. As an explorer to the core, I have fallen in love with NYC all over again, with a fresh perspective to discover a neighborhood’s charm and nuances. I have already begun weaving the streets, seeking out hidden gems, & ducking into eateries and cocktail bars where I can surprise my palate.

But the most rewarding part, is chatting and listening to the stories of the interesting pioneers I meet along the way. And, a big part of why I started this blog in the first place. I hope you will follow along for the next chapter of the Bourne Explorer adventures. I have a feeling this one is going to be extra fun!


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