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Blush Your Summer: BE Rosé Guide, Part 2


We are back with three more Rosé wines for you to add to your summer repertoire…


Tifeo, Etna 2015  Rosato, Gambino

I was recently visiting my family in Cape Cod. My parents took a spring holiday to Sicily and sent back a case of wine from the Gambino producers. I am from a family of real “winos” so we are often uncorking wines mid-afternoon into the evening during the summer. The Tifeo Etna Rosato has a really lovely and unique flavor profile.


Grape, Sangiovese  $18.00

  • Appearance: Fresh delicate colors with a hint of copper
  • Nose: Summer red fruits of strawberry and watermelon along with the volcanic undertones
  • Palate: Fresh and earthy; dry and crisp with a well balanced acidic finish
  • Food pairing: Great for light bites or a summer picnic. We actually drank it beside everything from fish tacos, a variety of summer salads and charcuterie spreads. And simply alone..


Escudo Real, Vinho Verde

I have been a fan of Astor Wines & Spirits  for years. When I was the Director of Business Development and Sales at Serena Bass Inc., we used to order all of our wines and spirits for our private events from Astor. I love browsing in the store and I always end up “wine chatting” with one of the very approachable and knowledgable staff members.

In the beginning of the summer, I was placing an order and struck up a conversation with a staff member about my Bourne Explorer- Rosé blog idea. She recommended that I try this bottle… Along with her enthusiasm, It is a very reasonably priced bottle and I love learning and sampling wines from Portugal.


Grape,  Touriga Nacional & Espadeiro   Under $10.00

  • Appearance: Summer bright pink 
  • Nose: Elegant while showcasing a fruity and juicy punch
  • Palate: An explosion of tart strawberry sherbet, raspberry, and watermelon sorbet sprinkled with sea salt. A spritz of effervescence, followed by a long finish, pronouncing a well-balanced acidity
  • Food pairing: Because of its big rounded burst of flavor, it marries well with smoky, salty ingredients; prosciutto, bluefish dips and smoked mackerel, aged cheddar and Manchego cheeses and bright lemony desserts


Domaine Vico 2016

I often root for the “non typical, the road less traveled or easier said, the underdog”… Producing wine, let alone celebrated wine, on a small island off of mainland France located in the Mediterranean Sea– with the unpredictable weather patterns deserves a shout out. Domaine Vico is the only vineyard/winery located in the interior of the island of Corsica. These wines are elegant and age well.


Grape, Nieullucciu and Sciaccarellu   $17.99 

  • Appearance: Pale blush and hints of copper
  • Nose:  bright aromas of red fruit
  • Palate: Refreshing red fruits are laced with a touch of orange peel and spice. It holds a nice balance of being both rich and crisp. Juicy palate, with a hint of salinity
  • Food pairing: Perfect with seafood, roasted brick chicken, rustic pastas and cheese & mixed Italian olives. 

Hope you are having a lovely Summer filled with eating, drinking and entertaining.  We will be back for our final Rosé recommendations in late August 😉


Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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