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“Blush Your Summer”: BE Rosé Guide

Craving Rosé the instant the nice weather arrives is like a Pavlov’s dogs experiment.

I have been sipping Rosé for almost two decades and it is refreshing to see the interest and supply, and frankly the quality rapidly growing.

This post is the first of a three part series (make sure you sign up for automatic blogs on thebourneexplorer.com) with Rosé suggestions and descriptions, food pairing ideas, and entertaining tips featured in June, July, and August 2017.

As summer officially started on the 21st, I felt this blog was relevant and rather important, especially for us winos 😉


Chêne Bleu Rosé

For my first wine, I selected Chêne Bleu. We were recently holidaying in Maine and my husband was under the weather one evening, so I postponed our dinner reservation, lit a fire, and headed to Kennenbunk center to pick up some snacks, Mexican street food and some wine.  I spotted Chêne Bleu, and gave it a shot.  I was very impressed with the elegant nose and complexed palate.

Description: $31.95

  • Appearance: Clear, pale rose pink
  • Nose: Strawberries and citrus with hints of jasmine blossom and passion fruit
  • Palate: Expressive summer fruit, bright abundance, full bodied with a long clean finish
  • Food pairing: Goes well with seafood and shellfish but also a perfect accompaniment to lightly spiced dishes, summer salads, and grilled lamb



Mulderbosch Rosé 2014

Next up, the Mulderbosch Rosé, I originally found this wine at my neighborhood wine shop about seven years ago. When my sister was deciding on the Rosé she would serve at her outdoor Cape Cod wedding, I suggested Mulderbosch Rosé 2014.  After sampling it, we ordered several cases; it was a crowd pleaser amongst our guests and an easy drink on a hot summer day. I am often weary of the quality on bottles priced around $10-12, but I savor its Cab flavor profile as it is juicy without being jammy.

Description: $11.00-$13.99

  • Appearance: Deep red tone
  • Nose: Bright spectrum of fruit aromas, clean red cherry and wet stone bouquet with hints of green pepper-like aromas
  • Palate: Acidity with a crisp, clean, and dry finish; super drinkable
  • Food Pairing: Serve well chilled. An excellent picnic wine. Pairs well with grilled fish (seared tuna steaks and swordfish; veal milanese and sushi.

Wölffer Estate Rosé 2016

For my final wine, I chose the Wölffer Table wine, Rosé. Table wine might suggest that it is basic, but it is anything but. It can be drunk with no food, paired a cheese plate, or a spread of fish and fire roasted veggies…

I have fun with their Summer In A Bottle Rosé, but it doesn’t have the complexity and sheer elegance of the Estate Rosé. (I like using the flower printed bottle as a vase for a fresh flower bouquet).

Plus, I love the energy of the Wölffer winery. The property is picturesque out in Bridge Hampton, Long island. The owners host summer music nights featuring local bands, which has created a wave of loyal followers.

Description: $18.00- $19.99

  • Appearance: Light copper-salmon in color
  • Nose: Pure and fresh floral and flinty aromas
  • Palate: Fruit notes of peach and apricots. Fresh and vibrant with lively acidity and well balanced. The finish is classic–dry with subtle, fine tannins and minerality
  • Food Pairings: Serve chilled. Pairs well with smoked salmon, poached lobster, raw shellfish, beef or tuna tartare, and soft cheeses. And grilled meats and fish.

Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear about your favorite Rosés.


Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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  1. JAB says:

    LOVE this!!! Wolffer has been my favorite for over a decade now. I would honestly put it up against any wines from Provence. Making me thirsty at work and it’s only 2 😉

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