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50 Shades of Discovery

50 Shades of Discovery:

I have had a pivotal few months on many platforms. But, haven’t we all…
This time, these moments– are what make warriors. I have come out a warrior. I welcome you to read my personal prose, my badge. (Think of an underlay of rap and eighties music while reading) 😉
My challenge to you: play this game, create your own!
Jot down—-
     Where have you been
           What have you seen
                 Who has rocked you
                            How have you improved….
 Amanda Bourne:
I have danced with Weasels and folded napkins with Angels
My ethos for BE is and will always be to follow the unpaved tracks and be authentic.
I have taken a company from bankruptcy to millions with fearless youth and passion.
A spicy margarita is equally vital as a green juice.
I can sell ice to a thirsty giraffe but I choose to pick my prey.
I give more than I receive but ironically that has hurt me.
Perfect strangers have become my soul mates.
I learned from the food luminaries but have been transformed by the behind-the-scenes masters.
Francesca, my mom, lost her mother and father in the last 8 months and I lost my mentor/best friend; a heroic soldier/ humble gentlemen. (they were 94, 95 and married for seventy years). We celebrated their lives while we they lived and after they were gone.
There is a third bathroom (transgender) in the Whitney but there are swarms of men who can’t admit they are gay across America.
Dog’s are great training wheels for having kids: it teaches you compromise, team work, and restrictions. And if you are lucky they instill selflessness, composure and grace.
I have danced with Weasels and folded napkins with Angels
And become more internally worldly.
I have skied in the snowest place in the world, ducked through ice caves in Iceland, climbed the cliffed beaches of Hana, felt like a butterfly touring Tuscany but I am always seeking more.
I have sent a Jerry Maquire note to 980 employees once…
I go big and bold and than if that doesn’t work, I go home
But, I never give up…I show up, I grow up, I live up. I fall…And float.
But see, we—we ain’t that kind, we are Peterpan, Pooh bear, Bruno Mars.
I tested the law of attraction—and failed. And than switched vibrations and I am on my way to Unshakable…
I played with coke heads, visionaries, artists, and blowhards,
My blog is peppered with recipes of Chia seeds, broth bones and Chaga, before this type of content flooded instagram…
Snuffleupagus and Peppa have become my companions…
I explore from a clearer lense through Sunny’s guide. A child should always be your life coach.
Thats’s life, Take Action, BE you….The you, with a fresh set of scales.
Sometimes just reading and observing leads to the answer.
I worked in the Meatpacking when it was mostly whores and meat and characters with some beat…
 Todos Santos is being talked about recently, make sure you buy clothes from Zii Ropa
I am the Bourne Explorer…
I can come and go because this space will always be mine.
I have surpassed unknown obstacles and slipped on projects that I assumed were easy. Never assume.
I buzzed and plugged on collaborations–partnerships, and came out knowing, I want more seclusion and selection. The best and only the best will be my war mates.
One of the smartest men I know always barks, “Progress makes people happy”, that simple…
We dance on the cloud of music and suffer only when we believe we did the damage.
I have met more unsettled people in NYC but NYC sometimes feels like the safest place.
I have danced with Weasels and folded napkins with Angels
What we discover is that our power is often our weakness.
Cambridge was my home for a summer in high school, and it is hard for me to run through a day without a lick of posh or cockney…
I have cooked beside Rachael Ray, Lidia Bastianich and dined with Bobby Flay, but we all can admit the geniuses are the people who are never seen.
We are green-eyed Jews, and proudly sing with tone deaf voices.
 I have had bouts of thinking discovery has to be physical. As much as exploration is learning about eighteen different species of octopus in a narrow market in Kyoto Japan, it sometimes happens when you dive into the Self.
So much more to come on Bourne Explorer: Recipe Philosophy, Traveling Around the corner, Food for Thought, and more…

Thanks for your patience and for joining the journey 😉


Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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4 Responses to “50 Shades of Discovery”
  1. Melissa says:

    Amazing!! So beautifully written!

  2. Rhonda Stein says:

    I truly have enjoyed your exploration, and look forward to more excitement and honesty from you. Keep trucking and posting. It makes us all a little more adventurous:)

    • thebourneexplorer says:

      Thank you Rhonda! A slightly delayed response but thank you for your kind words… Hope to see you this summer. XxAB

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