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Iceland: A New Scope of Adventure

A few years back I had an hour layover in Kevflavik airport. The adjacent lines of the walls and the quirky demeanor of the Icelandic people sparked my attention.

Four years later at a dinner over Korean BBQ, a friend said we are planning a trip to Iceland, would you like to join. That loose invitation was just enough to start my itinerary planning and research with my travel concierge pal.

Travel has and will always hold the deepest passion for me. It gives a dose of fresh perspective on our day to day…it shrinks the grandeur we think of our own existence while fueling the possibility to be more. It widens the scope of what beauty is as we take in foreign flavors, languages, customs, and landscapes.

It broadens our possibilities and inspires our personal building blocks. While reminding us of how fortunate we are when we return home. Exploring on my terms is the core of my makeup. each new adventure expands my strengths and foundation as a being in this society.  And my Iceland experience was no different…

Iceland is an oxymoron but in a good way…

There are peaks and mountains but a scarcity of trees and vegetation. The people are sweet and simple but one word of the language is a difficult puzzle. The sky casts the deepest shades of blue but the forecast can change on a dime. The bisques are thinner–you can hunt out tasty fare but the butter makes you question does heaven have a taste, the sunrises are more epic then the sunsets, and the plane ride feels like ten minutes but you are further from home than you could even imagine.

This trip has been lingering on my mind since I returned–from the beauty, the unfamiliarity, the simplest, and the graceful sophistication–In its Icelandic way 😉





reykavik-2Downtown Reykavik







Into The Glacier – Man-made Ice Tunnels and Caves

Langjökull, Iceland

jeep-2Super Jeep riding over glaciers


IMG_6145-2The Blue Lagoon


Vesturland, Iceland







  Horseback riding through the glaciers












 Snow Mobiling in Suòurland



U.S. Navy Airplane Crashed and Left on Black Beach in Southern Iceland








101 Hotel – Located in Reykjavik

Hotel Ranga – Located in South Iceland. An hour from Reykjavík, between the towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur.

ION Hotel – An hour south of Reykjavik, close to the “Golden Circle.”

Hotel Alda – Located on Reykjavik’s main shopping street, Laugavegur.


Dining and Drinking:

Splurge at Dill if you want innovative VERY innovative gourmet Icelandic fare. BUT, if you prefer a more casual dining experience head upstairs to the obscure, no named eatery, which feels like a Iceland Spotted Pig, serving up pizza and other bistro items. They also have a great local DJ…

Fish Company housed inside an old cottage with a modern decor, with nordic fusion fare plus fresh sushi.

Matur Og Drykkur has a hipster energy,  located in the Saga Museum. They serve comfort Icelandic food with a twist.

Down near the Wharf:

Fish and Chips– The freshest Fish and Chips served in many fish, batter and dipping sauce varieties.

Slipper Inn has master mixologists behind the gastro-pub ambiance. Make sure to take the long walk to bathroom-trust me!

Ramen Momo an intimate hole in the wall with a few seats and authentically delicious ramen, udon and dumplings.


food2foodfood food2-2 food3-2food5food6 food7 food8IMG_6354

Urta Icelandic finishing salt- a must buy!

A few interesting facts about Iceland:

  • The crime rate is so low there is approximately 50-100 people in jail
  • There are only two predictors in Iceland: the Red fox and the muscat
  • When Armstrong and Aldrin were preparing to go to the moon they visited Iceland

 Tips on Iceland Travel:

  • AM recharge: Head right to the Blue Lagoon in the morning when you arrive. Best way to rejuvenate your body after the flight and the baths are less crowded. Splurge: the Luxury package is awesome where you have your own bathroom, relaxation suite and private entrance into the bath. Skip the massage…
  • Sandwiched by the city: I love to start and end in the city–we enjoyed Reykjavik on both ends of our trip, discovering the area and revising parts that we loved from the beginning.
  • Follow the local: Especially on the winter roads it was resourceful and relaxing to hook up with a tour guide, who can drive you to places you couldn’t with a normal vehicle and show you hidden gems of the country. Eythor was our amazing guide… eythorsno@gmail.com


Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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