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An Ode To Generation X


With all the hype focused on the millennials, I felt an obvious urge to celebrate a generation of people who have paved the way for positive global growth and awareness, who have given back on so many levels, and are still quietly kicking some real ass…

Growing up:

Skateboards were used as toboggans to zoom down neighborhood hills.

Legos needed no instruction books as our imagination was our guide.


Kick the can and kick ball games could fill evening dusts.

Wrist devices weren’t needed to measure our heart rate as our heavy breath and sweaty brows were a measurable gage.

Atari, featuring, Mario Brothers, Pac Man, and Archanoid could only be starting stimulators as the outdoors was calling us to play.

We created clubs and societies, our’s being, The Falangies, where we would meet on a giant boulder in a deserted col-du-sac and pretend to be the Goonies.

We made mix tapes to express our deep crushes and affection.


And air guitar was a real activity because MTV actually featured cutting edge music videos.

1980 MTV Logo

We grew up and put in our time– as nothing trumps experience!

We realize the art of a hand written letter is a powerful gesture.

We rocked our fashion with fervor and it is constantly being reinvented.

We gapped the bridge between the baby groomers who treat technology like it has feelings and the Millennials where it is their life line.

We understand the strength of hand shakes and eye contact, as a source of trust and connection, not a burden.

We ignited momentum in gay equality, advancing transgender to become a house hold conversation.

We unconsciously spread racial diversity by sporting the original “United Colors” Benetton jersey.


Our movies were classically refreshingly and under 100 minutes.

We were shaped by an innocent era; Adapted and now thrive in a more complicated future.

We are authentically diverse, spiritually aware and forever a generation I am proud to call my own…

Generation X








Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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