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The Constant Evolve

IMG_2265   Around the holiday season, I start to reflect upon my year. The decisions I have made, the results that evolved, the moments that butterflied into memories, and the decisions I once would refer to as mishaps or mistakes but– (I am no longer using those words)… As we roll into the dawn of 2016, it will nearly be my 5th year anniversary of the Bourne Explorer launch. It has been such a ride—so far. I have interviewed colorful characters and entrepreneurs whom I have met along my travels, developed, tested and photographed hundreds of original recipes, and shared travel journeys and tips in my own quirky prose. ingredients berlyn4 IMG_0445But, what I love most about something that doesn’t have an expiration date—Is its constant ability to evolve. I have a bundle of fresh ideas that were jotted in notebooks and are ready to come to life. When a public diary has longevity it has the capability of growth and abundance and on the contrary times of silence and reflection.   So thanks for being part of the journey thus far–because there is a lot more to come…IMG_3750
And for those who don’t know I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl this summer, Sunny Bea…

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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