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Muddled Berry & Basil Spritzer

Drinking water hasn’t always been easy for me. But with some doctoring up, with a stir of creativity and color, I have upped my H20 game. With the warmer weather here, it is essential to hydrate and why not enjoy the necessity chore.

I often throw citrus like lemons, limes or oranges and some fresh herbs like, mint, basil, or rosemary in my water pitcher.  But I was feeling strawberries this week… and a little bubbly. Plus when the pitcher is empty, you have some nice fresh herb-infused fruit to eat up and keep you further hydrated. Have fun with your combinations and keep us posted!



Makes 16 ounces of beverage


8-10 strawberries, plus extra for garnish

6-8 leaves of basil

16 ounces of sparkling water

A couple fresh slices of lime, for garnish


  1. Cut strawberries into quarters for easier muddling. Tear basil leaves in half and mix with strawberries. Add to a pestle or cocktail mixer and muddle until macerated.
  2. Add muddled fruit to a pitcher and top with sliced limes and and extra strawberries. Top with sparkling water and chill for an additional 15 minutes, til fruit settles a bit.



Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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