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Apple Mezcal Holiday Cocktail

I am as consistent with my cocktail choices as I am with the amount of grey that dominates my wardrobe. Tequila has been my spirit of choice for quite some time, but for the past year Mezcal has more than peaked my interest. My spicy margarita has been replaced with tequila’s smoky cousin.


I have attended a few tequila/mezcal tastings, and last week I found myself chatting with an employee at Astor Wines and Spirits about Mezcal and his experience producing a limited addition batch in Oaxaca made from the de Lumbre species of the agave plant– and of course, a bottle of his special batch came home with me.

I enjoy a smooth sipping mezcal served with orange slices with sprinkled chili. I love the smokiness that lingers; the nuances and complexity from small batch to larger brand. The intense flavor marries well with the sweet undertones of apple and agave.

Mixing cocktails is one of my favorite pastimes, and this day in the BE test kitchen was no different. I know you are going to love this creation: Mezcal Apple Cider.


Stay tuned for a series of festive cocktails featured throughout the holiday season.  cheers 😉

Mezcal Apple Cider 

2 ounces sweet apple cider

2 ounces mezcal

juice of half a lemon, and a teaspoon of zest

1 tsp agave syrup

about 1 oz diced apples

pinch cinnamon


1. Combine apple cider, mezcal, lemon juice, and agave. Shake or stir and pour over ice.

2. Garnish with diced apples and cinnamon.

3. Enjoy!

Mezcal apple Cider

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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