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Built on Faith


Its been an eventful winter. A Nicaraguan getaway. Skiing in the Rockies. I recently returned from a trip to Japan followed closely by a productive jaunt to Miami. I am passionate about travel. I enjoy getting away; learning about distant cultures and discovering new cuisines…

But if you have been following these pages you know that for me it’s not about miles logged or passports stamped.

It’s about finding passion and a purpose in the day to day. Immersing myself in the art, culture, commerce, and the people behind it.

I am blessed to live in a city that captures my imagination, matches my zest for adventure, and always seems to deliver that greater experience that I am seeking. As long and my mind and heart are open to the opportunity.

I guess you can call it faith…

Like many of my adventures, it starts out as a simple outline for a day of discovery. Along the way I encounter creative minds, lessons are learned, inspirations and themes emerge.  As reflection often spills over me I begin to trust that there is something guiding me towards a purpose and a plan bigger than I had originally conceived.


Perched above the Hudson River in Fort Tyron Park…The Cloisters is an composed of 5 medieval abbeys gathered from various monastic sites in southern France.



A branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art the Cloisters exhibits over three thousand works  dating back as far as the 9th century.



Amanda Bourne @ Cloisters


Bourne Explorer Cloisters NYC















The gardens were devised using horticultural information found in medieval treatises and poetry

Bourne Explorer Cloisters



To cap off the day we headed down to Harlem and popped into The Cecil, one of the latest additions in Harlem’s burgeoning restaurant scene. We chatted with the chef and creative director. Learning about the inspiration of the cuisine, fusing African, Asian and American flavors.  I look forward to revisiting one evening to check out the live music at Minton’s, the sister restaurant , a jazzy super club.


Just like the founders of the Cloisters who transported piece by piece, brick by brick with a vision and an idea not knowing exactly how the final result will be. On a smaller scale, I can relate. I don’t know the exact direction when I set out on a day of exploration but with some faith I have a feeling it will all come together.



Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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  1. Dora says:

    Ciao bella !TACK för dina trevliga kommentarer hos mig! 🙂 Ser nu att även du har fÃ¥tt stänga kol.fntarsemödet.m. uff det är sÃ¥ trist att det ska behöva bli sÃ¥ för att en person förstör. Jag har nyss varit med om en liknande sak pÃ¥ min blogg sÃ¥ jag sitter ocksÃ¥ och godkänner kommentarer löpande..Skickar massor av energikramar och feelgood till dig fina! Kom ihÃ¥g: giiiirl pooower! 😉 Kram! Miss.G.! 🙂

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