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Underrated Simple Pleasures

The pace of life pulsates sometimes at magnum speeds. But secretly, I think it parallels one of my addictions. Mastering multitasking, gracefully.

The other day, when I was en route, I started thinking about the small things that create a happy dimple in our day. The underrated pleasures…


Here is my recent list (in no particular order):

1) A mug of steamed water with a bundle of fresh mint:

In Israel that is how we sipped tea. No bag to dunk. Simple. A basket of mint bundles to drop in your hot water. It was one of the highlights of our morning spread. I transported the tradition back home.


2) The nail file attached to an old school nail clipper:

Recently, I couldn’t find our square foam purple nail file my grandfather got for me when he worked at The Pickpocket, his sister’s jewelry and tchotchke shop in his late 80s. So, I resorted to the slender file that is hooked to the clipper that no one seems to pay any attention to. It was precise, sharp, and did a better job than many of its newday contemporaries. 


3) A scalp massage:

I will admit, getting massaged is definitely one of my top five favorite pastimes. (What would you expect, I paid a girl in 6th grade to tickle my neck on a regular basis during study hall instead of doing her home work).
But if once in a while you can sneak in a 10 minute scalp massage…You will feel like a new person. And, there are added benefits. (Improves mood, migraines, root strengthening, decreases hair loss, aids better sleep and scalp circulation).

4) Gifting a perfect stranger a compliment:

I do this more often than I realize. But, only with a sincere intention. And whenever I do gift a stranger a compliment it is usually followed up with this lingering wave of self happiness.

5) Untangling a chain of a necklace with a needle:

Sometimes, I wear two necklaces and they ravel and entwine together. I actually like the look when they does that. But then, I am left with a game of untangling.

Every time I am faced with this mild challenge, almost like a version of the popular game, Operation.  When I do complete bringing them back to two single chains, I get this YES YES YES feeling of accomplishment. 

6) Wearing a stylish yet practical outfit on the plane when your bags get lost (mine for three days that is):


The night before we left for our trip to Japan, we had friends over and we were exchanging beliefs on how we each dress on a plane ride.  I was very clear and certain with my answer. I have always gotten dressed up. “I rock an outfit I like, and feel good in.” (I was once upgraded to first class on my way to Spain while my parents sat in coach). Maybe it was the outfit…maybe not.

Flash to one day later, we arrived in Japan with no bags, for three days. Although feeling stressed and slightly gross. I was weirdly proud that I stuck to my motto. PS, Travis wore black sweatpants on the plane and followed that up with wearing them to a Michelin star sushi restaurant. (Well, they were Lululemon sweatpants which have structure and style, nonetheless they were still sweatpants. 😉

7) Dancing when no one else is home:

I have written about this before in an earlier blog. Beating the Winter “Blahs”   I love dancing when no one is watching…when no one is around. I like dancing when people are around, too. The act of dancing is rewarding, it stimulates ideas and before you know it, you have involuntarily exercised.


8) A moment of silence in a loud city:

Recently, I was in an office on 14th street, on the 4th floor. And, the window was wide open on a rather cold day to battle with the pumping heat pipes. I had a chill but didn’t mind it. There was the usual honking and city background banter. And then, It stopped. For a few moments. There was this idyllic silence. This peace amongst one of the loudest streets in NYC. Namaste…

9) The sound of shaken ice in a glass after drinking a well constructed cocktail:

As you all know, if you have been reading this blog, I am most definitely a drinker. I like everything about it. Making cocktails, drinking them, reading up on them, and sampling new versions of the old classics.

I was a Cosmo drinker before Sex And The City aired. A slightly dirty vodka martini, shaken well, has been in my rotation for over a decade. And the Margarita has been my go-to for the past several years. Never using a mixture. My order usually sound likes this…

Can you make me a spicy margarita.

Ok, great. with Anejo tequila, no triple sec, Grand Marnier instead, with fresh lime, on the rocks with salt please.

With that being said, stay tuned for an upcoming cocktail post.



10) A breathy Inhale…And Exhale:

A breathy Inhale…and exhale
Abernathy inhale…and exhale


I mentioned the importance of breathing in a recent post. 

Whenever I do this three times in a row with my eyes closed, for at least one of them. I am ready for the rest of my day’s journey.

11) And lastly, in regards to all the positive and inspiring comments I have received from you guys now that I am posting regularly again. You inspire me:

Oh, and the ride; it’s just beginning…



Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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