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Laying this years track…


Conforming isn’t my strength. It really hasn’t been my thing for as long as I can remember.

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Cooper, detected this right away. I apparently did not like sitting at my desk, confined in one rigid place for extended periods of time. So, she would let me get up. Move to a new desk in the outer row (that is probably why I lean forwards the aisle on any plane or bus ride).

And even let me perch on the radiator in the back of her room… as long as I was present, engaged in the material, and was interacting in social studies discussions.

Moving right along–



I prefer to take time with my New Years resolutions…be gentle with my set of goals.  Embrace and coddle them before I let them fly free in the months ahead.

I am well aware that for most, it is essential that by January 1st, the list of  “I Must Accomplish” should be organized and branded in, like a scripted oath, for the upcoming 365 days.

This doesn’t surprise me, as magazines covers flood the stands, headlining the newest and most effective diet and exercise regimes by early December. And super-sized bookstores showcase the Self Help genre, front and center, bullying the gardening and travel books to the back of the floor.



For me, a massive inhale and exhale is necessary in the New Year, not before. An inhale of reflection.

A review of the situations that we have conquered, the challenges we have plunged through… And the experiences we stumbled upon. The love we nourished and the loss we endured.

I follow that up with an earthy exhale of creation. Laying the track down for the next patchwork on my greater journey.


IMG_1931 (1)

Some say, sharing your hopes and plans is dooming. They should be kept secret and sacred.

But, when you share your thoughts with others you allow these beliefs to explode on the page and burst into the air. With that…they then have the ability to take flight.

By sharing, these goals are read and heard by peers, friends and even strangers who subconsciously hold you accountable, in a good way. Gently making you responsible for leaping into the unknown with a parachute and a kick in the ass.


So with that being said, the following are my 2014 resolutions or better yet– my track. (some represent strategic goals, others are simple necessities, and a few are zany ideas…but most importantly, they are alive).


  • Breathing:

Sometimes I am a really good breather. During a yoga class, or when I am concentrating on it. But other times, I think I hold my breath for long periods of time.
When I invite daily breathing and meditation into my life, my sanity to my smile is brighter.


  • Dancing more (than just at weddings):

We realize at some point, I probably learned this later in life than others, you can’t be everything.

 I have wanted to be so many things. To name a few. A back up dancer. A facialist, and a psychologist.  I now accept, I will have to incorporate these skill sets, into my life in other capacities.

Whether it is engaging with strangers about what makes them tick, to investigating my husband’s forehead with a magnifying glass and a container of estition tools, I have discovered these interests don’t have to be ignored just because they are not my occupation.

And in regards to laying this years track, I will bring dance back. By signing up for a hip hop class or dragging a friend to a salsa night in Harlem…Dance breeds energy.

As we are on the dance topic, I have also made a personal promise that I will head back to the studio where I choreographed our wedding dance and relearn the mash-up routine, videotaping it this time.


  • Finish a first draft of my screenplay:

I enrolled in a screenplay class at Gotham Writers Workshop a few years ago.

After stringing together a very rough draft of half a screenplay, I shelved the project for wedding planning, culinary school, raising a massive canine and my blog.

 Since then, I have revisited the project and have gotten a whirly second wind.  My goal is to explore the richness of the characters and develop a layered plot, making this one of my writing adventures.


  • Watch less TV:

I have always thought of myself as a music listener over a TV watcher. But television has reveled in a Renaissance.  Plus, Travis is a passionate TV watcher. And Milo is a great foot rest. Nonetheless, I am well aware that when I do more and watch less, I feel more centered and accomplished.


  • Spin a pot:

 I spent many afternoons as a child sprawling a potter’s wheel in the basement of a red- headed quirky woman named, Mrs. Albert. Some of my glazed ceramic pieces are still speckled throughout my parent’s home. I weirdly crave this form of release, spinning and massaging a large lump of gray mass until it is manipulated into a piece of art or even a key chain holder,  just feels right.


  • Travel to Asia:

 Journeying to Asia has been on my bucket list for a while. I have invested sleepless nights reading up and delving into the Asian culture from Thailand to Singapore.  This year we decided on Japan.  I am looking forward to devouring the history, tradition, and cuisine of a country, and a continent I have been longing to explore.


  • Build an active YouTube channel:

Ideas for video segments have filled colorful notebooks for almost as long as I have been writing on this blog. But my time became occupied by a new opportunity into the world of food and was enriched by a brilliant community of foodies. I am now attempting to balance my time spent cooking with capturing my exploration on video.


  • Alter and open my posture:

Whether it is leaning over a counter, cooking or sitting at my desk, writing, I feel myself in a forward arch. Or a hunch. I then fuel the problem zipping through the city for hours balancing an oversized purse on one shoulder and a bag filled of my knives, notebooks and gym sneakers on the other. I am making an effort to open my shoulders and chest through personal attention and holistic stretching and adjusting.


  • Invite friends, family and strangers into my home for hearty food and soulful conversations:

I love to entertain. I have learned from my mother. I have been in the event planning business since I was fifteen. This year, I have already hosted two unique and intimate gatherings in my home. But I want to do more. 

Cooking for people is a gift that flows both ways. This year I have decided to expand this passion by finding creative ways to entertain in my home on many levels. But this deserves its own blog post. So, stay tuned…



  •  Listen & pause, before I speak:

My mind works way faster than my mouth and, sometimes it gets me into trouble. I will try to take a moment before I respond to a question, breathe before I judge, and perhaps not make a comment at all.



  • Create a more balanced and consistent reading regiment:

I enjoy reading but I would never call myself a reader. I am not consistent enough. My mom blows through a book every few days. My sister has been part of a book club that has stretched over a decade. And, I would like to now weave a reading thread into my dailt schedule.


  • Incorporating boxing into my workouts:

I am a better person when I am active. I recently introduced boxing into my workout regime. And, I formed a genuine respect for the sport. I have been an aggressive cheer leader for Manny Pacquiao and have even watched a few UFC episodes. But boxing has taken me by surprise. The swift combination of endurance, patience, and memory has pulled me in.  Balancing this with Anusara yoga has been a powerful ying and yang revelation. 


  • Bring Milo to more nursing homes and hospitals:

Milo, my gentle giant, took a road trip with me one rainy afternoon to visit my mom-mom at her nursing home.  I always knew Milo had a special demeanor especially with children and the elderly.

 His daily attention that swarms him coined the term, “It is like walking George Clooney on a leash, ” but I would have never imagined the impact he made that day. I am told the nurses and residents ask about him months after his visit. His 145 pound presence brings smiles to sick people and healthy people. I believe he can illuminate many more spirits. 









  • Drink more water:

I drink when I am thirsty. And when I remember to make a conscious effort. But I know I need to digest more. So I am making a pledge to my organs, to my skin and to my overall health to consume more H2O.



I would love to hear your list, so please share…

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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4 Responses to “Laying this years track…”
  1. Andrea Hardy Lovett says:

    Amanda, you write so beautifully. Several of your tracks have offered me inspiration for my own. I notice that “visit old friends at Forest Acres” is missing, however. Come visit us in Maine and you can spin a pot in the art center and breathe the pine air! Bring you sister…

    • thebourneexplorer says:

      Wow, thank you! Your words are so kind. I would love to come to Forest Acres. It has been way too long. I hope you are doing well and calmly surviving this winter…

  2. Melissa says:

    I am inspired… my resolutions are so safe and typical… you’ve inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and act on what really would bring happiness and joy into my life. xo

    • thebourneexplorer says:

      That is so good to hear. I hope you are doing well! We really all have to make a plan soon. It isn’t like we live across the world. Much love to you and your family!

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