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Feeling Right at Home

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Some chapters of your life unfold smoothly, a natural progression of life’s ebbs and flows. Other times are filled with upheaval and profound change.

Two years ago I left a business I helped create and grow to embark on a new journey, a leap of faith into the unknown. A time filled with no regret, nonetheless moments of humbleness, doubt and fright. I also experienced countless joy as well as pride in a sense of new accomplishments.

During this time I got married, became an aunt, and adopted a giant high maintenance beast whom I adore.

I challenged myself to take an intensive culinary arts program at ICE, an experience that has forever expanded my knowledge and relationship with food.

Upon graduation I gained the opportunity to work at Food Network, a brand I have been loyal follower of since its early beginnings.

I also picked up a couple of a dear friends along the way.

The most personally rewarding has been creating, The Bourne Explorer. A constant work in progress…as am I.  This outlet allows me to share my journey and the inspiration and discoveries found along the way.

It offers me a glimpse into extraordinary people’s lives while providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the world around and within myself .

For all those who have been following, thank you for your support and comments. You are appreciated!  Many of my recent adventures have not made it onto these pages but I am committed to sharing more.

I truly believe that you don’t have to travel far to seek something new and what is within your heart will take you further than what’s inside your wallet. A renewed purpose, a fresh perspective are always waiting to be found just outside your front door…..

Surrounded by water, anchored between two iconic bridges, with lower Manhattan standing proud in the distance. Dumbo’s stunning visuals are cinematic….

For the  past 4 years I have been blessed to call this place home.

Its location allows me to zip into Manhattan for work and short visits while allowing me to easily escape when the downtown rush gets too intense. The East River ferry is a fun mini-getaway and my favorite mode of transport.

It is a place where people know their neighbors and feel invested in the community. The neighborhoods Belgian Block streets and historic warehouses are filled with one of a kind shops and eateries owned and operated by local residents.

Dumbo is the gateway for my ongoing exploration and love affair with the Brooklyn Borough. I have worn out  more than a few pairs of shoes inhaling its rich culture, cuisine and community.



The old tobacco warehouse hosts Smorgasburg on Sundays during the warmer months.


The restoration of Jane’s Carousel is a true embodiment of the sprit that has helped make DUMBO the special place it is today.

  Powerhouse Arena’s many cultural attractions include visiting authors, art exhibitions and live performance 

  PS Bookshop specializes in Design, Art, Architecture and Photography as well as rare and out of print titles

 Modern Anthology: The ultimate home store where half of my husband’s holidays gifts are purchased



 Trunk is operated by a collective of NY based designers. The stylish women’s wear is created by mostly local talent


    Betsey Lee No fuss glamour Made in Brooklyn USA


Quite a few of the unique hand selected pieces from Journey grace my home


Gramercy Park Flowers

Foragers Market

Eddie, my cheese monger always attaches the story behind every cheese I sample

AlMar, formerly Dumbo General where I penned through a dozen journals and sat for hours creating The Bourne Explorer


  A pool table, cocktails and excellent food make Superfine a great place to unwind after a long day exploring.


Who knows what is on the horizon or where my track will take me next but for now this place feels like Home…

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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  1. Steph says:

    What a great love letter to the neighborhood.

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