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What To Eat Before You Die

Where It Began
So, we all know that I am a food enthusiast (“foodie” is over used) and have quite the appetite. It has been like this since I was a child. I believe my first real food was actually feta cheese.

My parents were always whisking us off on day trips and quirky excursions. One destination was Nantasket Beach to visit my dad’s elementary school friend who happened to be the son of the acclaimed artist, Edna Hibel. I would get lost in my imaginary whirlwind while mazing through the enchanting house by the sea.

The nights we were not steaming our own lobsters, caught that afternoon, we would make our way down to the local fish restaurant for a seafood feast.

My parents would point to the curly blond-haired rascal in the corner, that being I, ordering me the Twin Lobster Special, two one lb. lobsters with all their fixings. I was 6 years old.

The waitress would immediately pause and attempt to convince them that it was an enormous amount of food for anyone especially a small child.

“Sir, I think that will be way too much for her,” the waitress said.

And my dad would confidently reply,


It took an entire evening for those lobsters to be de-headed and devoured but like a true fisherman I was successful every time.

Recently, I have been taking one-on-one lessons at the Apple store in Soho to become more familiar with the overall apple system. Ironically, I author this blog but I am the furthest thing to computer savvy. So I thought this was an appropriate step. This week my instructor Lorenz and I played with the iPhoto application as I have over four thousand photos in my collection.

As I was flipping through my “albums” the other day a few of my food-focused shots grabbed my attention and transported me back to the table where I first tasted these heavenly bites.

And I wanted to share!

Baked Lobster Pasta with braised leeks, stewed tomatoes, roasted peppers…The Grocery Restaurant

Lobster pasta

Give Me A Break!

Seafood Spread at Playa de los Artistas…Montezuma, Costa Rica

Costa Rica restaurant

You thought Nobu was fresh!

Le Meurice in Paris, enough said.

Le Merice

Scallops done differently

Everything at Bernardus.

Bernardus, Carmel

What a way to start a day…


Sweet breads with local carrots and beans

Sweet breads with local carrots and beans 

Grilled Cheese with tomato confit & matchstick frites at The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma, CA.

Fig & The Girl Grilled Cheese

Comfort Food on Steriods

Cemita’s sandwich (available at Smorgasboard in Williamsburg)


Layer after Layer of deliciousness

Even with the famous Gramaldi’s around the corner, I prefer Ignazio’s Pizzeria

White Clam pizza with oregano, garlic, olive oil, 
cracked black pepper, lemon, parsley

Clam Pizza

When I am not in the mood for red I go for the Clam Pizza

And if you are lucky…

My Lobster and Mushroom Mac and Cheese

My Lobster and Mushroom Mac and Cheese

That’s all for now…I do not want to overwhelm your taste buds.

Happy Eats!

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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4 Responses to “What To Eat Before You Die”
  1. joanna parker says:

    You’re writing is so fun, so upbeat and enthusiastic, love it. But you have a huge void needed to be filled by eating your way through Chicago; we are such an epicurean epicenter these days. Also, wanted to give you a heads up about a friend of mine, Molly Bett Kovler, and her company “Elevate your Presence.” It’s PR mostly for food stuff; she blogs, tweets, all that good stuff. Check it out, as well as “delicious dirt” which gives reviews and a place for members to review and read others’ reviews; seems like your kind of thang! Hope all is swell with you and the Bourne clan!

    • thebourneexplorer says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I will def. check out your friend’s blog. Thanks you! The Bourne clan is doing great. I will def make it back to Chicago soon and do some serious eating! xoxoAB

  2. bret ginesky says:

    Stumbled across your blog, that mac n cheese looks amazing.. very impressive and well organized! Congrats! If you are ever in the far east, drop me a line!

    • thebourneexplorer says:

      Oh my g-d. Thank you so much for your kind words. Been crazy busy but wonderful to say the least. Started culinary school two weeks ago. I will definitely make an effort to drop by sooner than later. much love. AB

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