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Tastemaker: Sabina Ptacin, PR & Entrepreneur Powerhouse

The Lady Of The Hour…
It was a great thrill to sit down with spunky Sabina Ptacin the owner of Red Branch PR agency and the Chief Excitement Officer of PRENEUR.
We first met a number of years ago at a Ceslie Armstrong event and instantly clicked. Now with Red Branch offices relocated to Dumbo, watch out!

Nestled at a corner table at my local spot Dumbo General Store, over lattes and a healthy hearty breakfast we chatted.
Sabina Ptacin

Sabina Ptacin

Previously you were a high school teacher in Chicago. What brought you to fast paced NYC and into the crazy world of PR?

Well, I moved to New York for a change. Teaching in that form wasn’t for me anymore. I was ready for my New York Chapter.
Public relations was accidental. I landed a job at Escada, in the PR department. I didn’t even know what PR was. But it turns out that I was good at it. A year later, I opened my own boutique firm.  I am an “accidental entrepreneur”.

You presently juggle two ventures? What is the biggest challenge?

Finding time for myself. In this industry, you can always be doing something more. Pitching a story. Meeting with a client… There is never a lack of to-dos.

Melissa Wildstein, Katie Hellmuth Martin, Sabina Ptacin

Melissa Wildstein, Katie Hellmuth Martin, Sabina Ptacin

Tell me a little more PRENEUR?

Well, it started with three entrepreneurs…the company’s founders. Collectively we had years of experience which was spent working for ourselves and each of us discovered how essential a community is for entrepreneurs.

PRENEUR is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. In addition to providing education, resources, and a vital community, our site powerfully showcases our client’s brands.

What has been the most thrilling part of creating PRENEUR?

Watching our member’s confidence grow. Observing them discover that they can do what they love to do as a career and a lifestyle. It’s not just a fantasy.

And, working with ambitious and interesting people. It is a privilege to be in the company of such a progressive community.

How does PRENEUR differ from other entrepreneur networks?

We work hard to promote the clients by socializing the brand. The way our site is constructed it acts as a SEO machine for our members…initiating traffic and increasing exposure.

What is your wise piece of advice for young ambitious entrepreneurs.

First, Believe it is possible, I know that sounds a bit cliche but it is 100% true.

Being an entrepreneur, a successful one is not a mystery; there is an equation, a science. If you have the will, there is definitely a way.

Second, Tap into the community. Grab a drink with other entrepreneurial friends to get feedback, bounce ideas off of one another, and exchange resources. You can’t do it alone sitting in front of your computer. We all have a unified goal.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, with some more free time. (Laughs)

Continuing to nurture brand growth and helping support independent lifestyles.

Both Red Branch and PRENEUR achieve that.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Despite the recession, both companies are flourishing. I am never bored. And I pay my own bills from my hard work.

I have seen you deliver over and over again for you clients. But from your perspective, what differs Red Branch from other PR agencies.

Well, Red branch focused on Lifestyle brands.

Honestly, we “move the needle” in sales and visibility.  We understand brand and business sense.

We call it 360 PR.

Not only do we produce cross media placements but we multi-dimensionally promote our clients in a variety of publications and in a wide range of content.

What is the most outrageous thing you have witnessed in this sometimes “catty” industry?

How quickly people will sell out on their personal convictions and moral compass.

Call me Midwestern But I am not going to sell my soul at the end of the day to make an extra dollar. I like to sleep at night.  That’s not so say I’m not competitive or You can be kind and successful in this industry, believe it or not!

I know you are a bit of a workaholic what do you do when you aren’t, “spinning your  magic pitch”?

Reading, Exploring Brooklyn. But to be honest even in my downtime I am always jotting down new ideas and concepts. It’s in my DNA.

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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