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Tastemaker- Lorin Rokoff & Laura Paterson, Hot Blondies Bakery

Hot Blondies

Hot Blondies

The other day I was fortunate to get an inside peek of the magic and camaraderie that make Hot Blondies Bakery such a sweet success.

I buzzed the doorbell and trailed the rich and comforting scents of chocolate, butter and batter browning which led me to the sun-kissed union square bakery. We chatted and I sampled the chewy over-sized chocolate chip cookies they are adding to the collection as the team baked, packaged, and took orders around the large prep island.

New Batch-New Item

New Batch-New Item

What brought you to open up Hot Blondies Bakery?

We met while working at Museum Moving Image. We instantly had a connection. Our friendship grew simultaneously with our plans to start a bakery. Laura had a background in marketing, I had worked in nonprofit organizations for years but my real passion was baking. We decided to go for it. We gave it a shot. Hot Blondies started in our apartment on nights and weekend, with increasing orders we rented commercial kitchens and when we were featured in Daily Candy the brand took off. Now we have our own bakery and work like maniacs doing what we love!

Being a dessert connoisseur what savory foods do you crave to counter balance the sweets?

I eat everything. I love food. But I am a real sushi freak. My favorite go-to spot is Kanoyama on 2rd ave between 11th.

Laura and I both love cheese. Cheese plates, cheese pairing…. anything cheese. In fact, we are thinking of how to incorporate cheese into one of our blondie recipes.

Hot Blondies Bakery

Hot Blondies Bakery

What is the most rewarding part of owning a Bakery?

I enjoy testing new recipes. It is rewarding to experiment with different ingredients and then receive positive feedback from customers on our new creations. Recently, I was out and someone mentioned that they were obsessed with the butterscotch blondies from Hot Blondies Bakery; and it felt amazing to say, “I own that bakery.” This is our baby. We were unsure of where it was going to lead and we are really proud of how far we have come.

What have your learned most from this endeavor?

From a business perspective… The importance of networking. Getting our name out there so people are aware of our baked goods and our services.
Delegating…. Laura and I were working seven days a week and getting burnt out. Now we hired some support in the kitchen and drivers to help so we can work hard and remain enthusiastic.
And from a personal perspective. Perseverance and hard work. We had our down moments, at times wanted to give up and then we pushed through, regained perspective and good things happened– Bloomingdales signed us on. You never know.

What is the ultimate goal for the Hot Blondies Brand?

We would like to open a storefront in Manhattan. Eventually expand to other major cities, but always remain consistent and loyal to our brand and objective. Homemade, classic desserts with a fun edge.

What is your favorite dessert besides yours?

I am inspired by Levain bakery (upper west side and Hamptons) City bakery cookies are incredible too. And I love ice cream. That is by weak spot.

What do you predict is the next trend in the sweets world?

Macaroons and Cake pops. Many of the trends are about being pretty, sweet, dainty, colorful. We want our brand and baked goods to be perceived as edgy, sexy, fun. Our blondies, bars or treats are all classic; back to the basics. That is the way we like it.

Oatmeal Babes & Blondies

Oatmeal Babes & Blondies

For more information please visit www.hotblondiesbakery.com

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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