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Aahhh…What A Week!

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I am back. Sorry for a quiet week on the page but in the field it was threaded with action! Rewarding on so many levels. My days were filled with unplanned excursions, jam-packed family time, and an unfinished project revisited.


Princeton New Jersey: its olive oil, cherry blossoms, and charm

Eately’s sweet sausage, bubbling on my stove

My first of many visits to the Botanical Gardens in 2011

The cathartic benefits of spring-cleaning…. lots of spring-cleaning, even in the spice department

Oh, and the project revisited…The budding of a screenplay, well overdo.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Organizing of Pantry

Springtime Organizing, Pantry

Charming Princeton New Jersey

Princeton New Jersey Charm

Carter & Cavero Olive Oil Company

Carter & Cavero Olive Oil Company

Everyday Spices

Everyday Spices

Eately Sweet Sausage

Eately, Sweet Sausage

Satisfy your senses,
Amanda (follow me on Twitter!)

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